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Variotrac-F (900 ml)

Variotrac-F (900 ml)

Dance Tools (Zubehör)

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Genre: Adhesive Powder
Marke: Variotrac

Artikel Nummer: 495

Verfügbarkeit: in stock

Variotrac-F adhesive Powder is an adhesive powder for parquet or dancing shoes with suede sole and serves to increase the adhesion of dance shoes. It always provides a safe step on all smooth dance floors, whether parquet or PVC surface. Features: high grip friction for safe dancing, low sliding friction does not stop the step, no bonding of shoe soles, very economical, long-lasting effect, no harmful effect on the parquet, absolutely nontoxic, eco-friendly, washable. Application: Sprinkle small amount on the ground, move in rotation with the dancing shoes in it or sprinkle directly on the soles and rub.
Zubehör Genre
Adhesive Powder
Zubehör Marke
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