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Very Ballroom 9

Music (CD & MP3)

Artist: Various Artists



Dance: Standard
Label: WRD

Article Number: 2267

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# Title Artist Language Style Length Price
1 Toji (from Toji, The Land) (Slow Waltz 29) Kim Yoon instrumental Soundtrack 2:38 CD only
2 Walk With Me (Slow Waltz 29) Robin Spielberg & The Budapest Orchestra instrumental Orchestra 3:23 CD only
3 Grace's Waltz (Slow Waltz 29) Fernando Ortega instrumental Easy Listening 2:31 CD only
4 Yellow Leaves (Slow Waltz 29) Eric Chiryoku instrumental Orchestra 3:41 CD only
5 Valsapena (from Cirque Du Soleil 'Alegria') (Slow Waltz 28) Cirque Du Soleil portuguese Soundtrack 3:49 CD only
6 Whisper (Slow Waltz 29) Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter instrumental Easy Listening 3:15 CD only
7 Disney Girls (no strict rhythm) (Slow Waltz 29) Alexander Rybak english Pop 3:53 CD only
8 Isle Of Man (Slow Waltz 29) Amethyst Argentum instrumental Orchestra 3:49 CD only
9 Guardian (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 29) Eric Chiryoku instrumental Easy Listening 3:42 CD only
10 Circle Of Life (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 29) Robin Spielberg instrumental Easy Listening 3:29 CD only
11 Through The Dark (no strict rhythm) (Slow Waltz 29) Helen Jane Long instrumental Orchestra 3:32 CD only
12 Tango Tango (Tango 32) Tango Ensemble instrumental Orchestra 2:09 CD only
13 Essa (Tango 32) Otros Aires instrumental Electro 2:49 CD only
14 Torero (Tango 33) Orchestra Matteo Tassi italian Orchestra 3:16 CD only
15 Tango En Re Minor (Tango 32) Paolo Ormi instrumental Orchestra 3:45 CD only
16 Cumpa Solo (Tango 32) Global Grooves instrumental Electro 2:55 CD only
17 Tango (from 'Cirque Du Soleil') (Tango 30) Cirque Du Soleil instrumental Soundtrack 3:16 CD only
18 Higher (KV Remix) (Tango 32) DJ Manu english Pop 3:04 CD only
19 You Are The Reason (KV Remix) (Viennese Waltz 58) DSDJ Melnikov english Pop 3:09 CD only
20 Expression (Viennese Waltz 58) Helen Jane Long instrumental Orchestra 3:05 CD only
21 Pearl (from Cirque Du Soleil 'Kooza') (Viennese Waltz 58) Cirque Du Soleil french Soundtrack 3:47 CD only
22 I Believe In You (KV Remix) (Viennese Waltz 59) DJ Ice english Orchestra 4:05 CD only
23 How Deep Is The Ocean (from 'The Life Of Jimmy Dolan') (Slowfox 28) Catherine Russell english Soundtrack 2:42 CD only
24 Shooting Stars (Slowfox 29) Geoff Gascoyne & Iain Mackenzie english Swing 2:30 CD only
25 Delilah Jones (from 'The Man With The Golden Arm') (Slowfox 29) Swing Cats Big Band english Soundtrack 2:38 CD only
26 I Like It Like That (Slowfox 29) Johnny Ferreira english Rhythm & Blues/Rockabilly 3:21 CD only
27 Flirting With Disaster (Slowfox 28) Perry Danos english Swing 3:34 CD only
28 'Til My Baby Comes Back To Me (Slowfox 29) Blue Harlem english Swing 3:21 CD only
29 Happy Together (Slowfox 29) Club Des Belugas & Iain Mackenzie english Swing 3:12 CD only
30 You're The Boss (from 'Viva Las Vegas') (Slowfox 29) Ib Glindermann english Soundtrack 2:34 CD only
31 You're Welcome (from Disney's 'Moana') (KV Remix) (Slowfox 29) DJ Ice english Soundtrack 3:12 CD only
32 Mysterious Ways (Slowfox 28) Brent Thomas Mills english Rhythm & Blues/Rockabilly 3:31 CD only
33 Lovefool (from 'Romeo & Juliet') (KV Remix) (Slowfox 29) DJ Manu english Soundtrack 2:36 CD only
34 The Jungle King (Quickstep 50) Phat Cat Swinger english Swing 3:52 CD only
35 He May Be Yours (Quickstep 50) Blue Harlem english Swing 2:19 CD only
36 Jambalaya (Quickstep 50) Tape Five feat. Ashley Slater english Country 2:59 CD only
37 But Now I'm Back (Quickstep 50) Pink Martini english Swing 2:41 CD only
38 Won't You Tell Me (Quickstep 50) Phat Cat Swinger feat. Bill Wiseman english Swing 3:20 CD only
39 Work For It (Quickstep 50) Daphne Willis & Lonis english Pop 2:39 CD only
40 Detroit Swing City (Quickstep 50) Alien Fashion Show english Rhythm & Blues/Rockabilly 3:13 CD only
41 Showtime Hustle (Quickstep 50) John Rowcroft instrumental Swing 2:49 CD only
42 Levitating (KV Remix) (Quickstep 50) DJ Manu english Nu Jazz/Electro Swing 2:50 CD only
43 Swing Course (Quickstep 50) Sergey Sutyrin instrumental Nu Jazz/Electro Swing 2:46 CD only
44 Help! (Quickstep 51) Sugarpie And The Candymen english Musette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy 2:44 CD only
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