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Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (from Disney's 'The Aristocats') (Slowfox 29)

Single tracks

Artist: Dimie Cat

Album: The Ultimate... Ballroom Album 23 - The Power Of Now

CD only

Dance: Slowfox

Article Number: 2206-06

Song Style
Song Artist
Dimie Cat
Song Composer
A. Rinker/F. Huddleston
Song Tempo
Song Publisher
Walt Disney Music Co.
Song Length
Song Dance
Song Language

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Without A Song (from 'Great Day') (Slowfox 29) Ballroom Stars 7 George Benson
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Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (from 'Showboat') (Slowfox 29) Starlights Prandi Sound Orchestra
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Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (from 'Life Of Brian') (Slowfox 30) Bring 15 smiles to your feet Tanzorchester Klaus Hallen feat. Peter Bauchwitz
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Young And Beautiful (from 'The Great Gatsby') (Slowfox 29) Ballroom Nights 7 Swingpop!
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Big Finish (from 'Smash!') (Slowfox 28) Ballroom Nights 7 Rhetta
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You're A Winner (from 'Brick Mansions') (Slowfox 28) The Ballroom Mix 10 Dick Walter
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Remember Me (from Disney's 'Coco') (Slowfox 29) Very Ballroom 5 DJ Ice
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You Make Me Feel So Young (from 'Three Little Girls In Blue') (Slowfox 29) Very Ballroom 5 Bobby Caldwell
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Dancing Queen (from 'Mamma Mia') (Slowfox 29) Very Ballroom 5 Solal
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Eye Of The Tiger (from 'Rocky III') (Slowfox 29) Very Ballroom 5 Chris Catena Big Band Experience
3:49 CD only
City Of Stars (from 'La La Land') (Slowfox 28) Very Ballroom 4 DJ Ice
2:17 CD only
Love You I Do (from 'Dreamgirls') (Slowfox 29) Very Ballroom 4 DJ Ice
2:54 CD only
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