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The Ultimate... Ballroom Album 10 - When You're Smiling

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Künstler: Various Artists

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Label: WRD

Artikel Nummer: 206

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# Title Artist Language Style Length Price
1 You And The Night And The Music (from 'Revenge With Music') (Slowfox 29) Julie London english Soundtrack 2:53 CD only
2 It Had To Be You (from 'The Roaring Twenties') (Slowfox 29) Bobby Darin english Soundtrack 2:34 CD only
3 It's All Right With Me (from 'Can-Can') (Slowfox 29) Dinah Shore english Soundtrack 2:54 CD only
4 Chicago (That Toddling Town) (Slowfox 29) Tony Bennett english Swing 2:16 CD only
5 Secret Love (from 'Calamity Jane') (Slowfox 29) Count Basie instrumental Soundtrack 3:22 CD only
6 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Slowfox 29) Natalie Cole english Swing 2:36 CD only
7 Bye Bye Blackbird (from 'Rainbow Round My Shoulder') (Slowfox 29) Sammy Davis Jr. english Soundtrack 2:48 CD only
8 It Could Happen To You (from 'And The Angels Sing') (Slowfox 29) Rosemary Clooney english Soundtrack 2:21 CD only
9 Strangers In The Night (Slowfox 29) Andy Williams english Evergreen 2:10 CD only
10 Makin' Whoopee! (from 'Whoopee!') (Slowfox 29) Julie London english Soundtrack 2:13 CD only
11 Lullabye Of Broadway (from 'Gold Diggers') (Quickstep 50) Tony Bennett english Soundtrack 3:41 CD only
12 Rumba Jumps (Quickstep 50) Mel Torme english Evergreen 2:03 CD only
13 Too Marvelous For Words (from 'Ready, Willing And Able') (Quickstep 50) Rosemary Clooney english Soundtrack 1:49 CD only
14 Rhythm Is Our Business (Quickstep 50) Billy May feat. Willie Smith english Evergreen 3:34 CD only
15 Let's Get Together (Quickstep 50) Duke Ellington instrumental Swing 2:19 CD only
16 When You're Smiling (from 'When You're Smiling') (Quickstep 50) Andy Williams english Soundtrack 1:38 CD only
17 People Will Say We're In Love (from 'Oklahoma!') (Quickstep 50) Buddy Greco english Soundtrack 1:56 CD only
18 Let There Be Love (Quickstep 50) Julie London english Evergreen 2:07 CD only
19 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Quickstep 50) Dean Martin english Evergreen 2:12 CD only
20 So In Love (from 'Kiss Me, Kate') (Quickstep 48) Peggy Lee instrumental Soundtrack 2:08 CD only
21 Remember (Slow Waltz 29) Andy Williams english Evergreen 2:05 CD only
22 Ramona (Slow Waltz 29) Jim Reeves english Evergreen 1:55 CD only
23 Greensleeves (Slow Waltz 29) Acker Bilk & The Leon Strings instrumental Orchestra 2:40 CD only
24 Say Wonderful Things (Slow Waltz 29) Julie London english Evergreen 2:57 CD only
25 I Really Don't Want To Know (Slow Waltz 29) Andy Williams english Evergreen 2:46 CD only
26 Somebody Loves You (Slow Waltz 29) Eddy Arnold english Pop 3:25 CD only
27 Im Prater Blueh’n Wieder Die Baeume (Slow Waltz 29) The World Strings Orchestra instrumental Classic Music 2:39 CD only
28 If I Were A Painting (Slow Waltz 29) Kenny Rogers english Pop 3:14 CD only
29 Maria Elena (Slow Waltz 29) Jim Reeves english Evergreen 2:26 CD only
30 Amazing Grace (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 26) Pat Boone english Pop 2:32 CD only
31 Another Year Ends (from 'Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire') (Viennese Waltz 58) The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra instrumental Soundtrack 2:20 CD only
32 The Melba Waltz (Viennese Waltz 59) The World Strings Orchestra instrumental Orchestra 2:21 CD only
33 Belle Of The Ball (Viennese Waltz 60) The World Strings Orchestra instrumental Classic Music 2:37 CD only
34 9 De Julio (Tango 32) Orchestra Sentimentia instrumental World Music 2:33 CD only
35 Canaro En Paris (Tango 32) Orchestra Sentimentia instrumental Orchestra 2:48 CD only
36 Delusion (Tango 32) El Choclo instrumental World Music 3:06 CD only
37 Sin Rumbo (Tango 31) Otros Aires instrumental Electro 3:44 CD only
38 En Direccion A Mi Casa (Tango 31) Otros Aires instrumental Electro 4:11 CD only
39 La Pampa Seca (Tango 31) Otros Aires spanish Electro 3:58 CD only
40 Por Un Cabeza (from 'Scent Of A Woman') (no strict tempo) (Tango 32) The Tango Project instrumental Soundtrack 2:11 CD only
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