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The Ultimate... Ballroom Album 12 - Anything Goes

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Künstler: Various Artists

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Label: WRD

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# Title Artist Language Style Length Price
1 Steppin' Out With My Baby (from 'Easter Parade') (Slowfox 29) Danny Williams english Soundtrack 2:44 CD only
2 Tonight (from 'West Side Story') (Slowfox 29) Nancy Wilson english Soundtrack 2:36 CD only
3 Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (Slowfox 29) Joe Girard Orchestra english Swing 2:32 CD only
4 Stranger In Paradise (from 'Kismet') (Slowfox 29) Jack Jones english Swing 3:07 CD only
5 Anything Goes (from 'Anything Goes') (Slowfox 29) Ella Fitzgerald english Soundtrack 2:30 CD only
6 Nice And Easy (Slowfox 29) Joe Girard Orchestra english Swing 2:35 CD only
7 Every Breath You Take (Slowfox 29) Jack Jones english Swing 2:52 CD only
8 Blue Moon (from 'Manhattan Melodrama') (Slowfox 29) Carmen McRae english Soundtrack 2:32 CD only
9 Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Slowfox 29) Buddy Greco english Evergreen 3:31 CD only
10 Vaya Con Dios (Slowfox 29) Buddy Greco english Evergreen 3:26 CD only
11 Topsy (Quickstep 49) Ray Gelato instrumental Swing 3:23 CD only
12 Pep, Vim & Verve (Quickstep 50) Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra english Swing 3:22 CD only
13 White Heat Stomp (Quickstep 50) Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra instrumental Swing 3:37 CD only
14 Swing Let's Swing (Quickstep 50) The Lucky Strikes english Swing 2:26 CD only
15 March Of The Toys (Quickstep 50) Billy May & His Orchestra instrumental Evergreen 3:35 CD only
16 This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (Quickstep 50) Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme english Swing 2:37 CD only
17 It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (Quickstep 50) Club Des Belugas feat. Brenda Boykin english Nu Jazz/Electro Swing 3:53 CD only
18 Flight Of The Foo Birds (Quickstep 50) Count Basie instrumental Swing 3:14 CD only
19 (Back Home Again In) Indiana (Quickstep 50) Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer english Swing 3:00 CD only
20 Basie's Bag (Quickstep 50) Count Basie & George Benson instrumental Swing 2:46 CD only
21 Josephine, Please No Lean On The Bell (Quickstep 50) Ray Gelato english Swing 2:59 CD only
22 Two Socks At Play (from 'Dancing With Wolves') (Slow Waltz 29) John Barry instrumental Soundtrack 1:55 CD only
23 A Daisy In December (Slow Waltz 29) Mick Mcauley & Winifred Horan instrumental Easy Listening 3:49 CD only
24 Watermark (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 29) Mari Fujiwara instrumental Pop 2:19 CD only
25 Theme From 'Molly Maguires' (Slow Waltz 29) Henry Mancini instrumental Soundtrack 2:43 CD only
26 Moon River (from 'Breakfast At Tiffany's') (Slow Waltz 29) Andrea Ross english Soundtrack 2:47 CD only
27 One Hand, One Heart (from 'West Side Story') (Slow Waltz 29) Dionne Warwick english Soundtrack 2:11 CD only
28 The Vision (The Swan) (from 'Le Carnaval Des Animaux') (Slow Waltz 28) Andy Williams english Classic Music 2:19 CD only
29 Cavatina (from 'The Deer Hunter') (Slow Waltz 29) Geoff Love & His Orchestra instrumental Soundtrack 3:05 CD only
30 Gymnopedie No. 1 (Slow Waltz 29) Satie Orchestra instrumental Classic Music 3:04 CD only
31 White Fantasy (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 29) Toshiyeke Watanabe instrumental Easy Listening 2:46 CD only
32 2nd Waltz (no strict tempo) (Viennese Waltz 59) The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra instrumental Classic Music 3:48 CD only
33 Absences (from 'Absences') (Viennese Waltz 59) Stamatis Spanoudakis instrumental Soundtrack 2:18 CD only
34 Rio Gallegos (Tango 30) Tango Café Orquestra instrumental Orchestra 2:35 CD only
35 Tango Para Maya (Tango 31) Tango Café Orquestra instrumental World Music 2:51 CD only
36 Poema Valseado (Tango 32) Tango Café Orquestra instrumental World Music 2:23 CD only
37 Los Requerdos (Tango 32) Nuevo Tango Project instrumental Electro 3:00 CD only
38 Argentina Vieja (Tango 31) Nuevo Tango Project instrumental Electro 2:44 CD only
39 El Toreador (Tango 31) Nuevo Tango Project instrumental Electro 2:30 CD only
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