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The Ultimate... Ballroom Album 16 - Temptation

Musik (CD & MP3)

Künstler: Various Artists

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Label: WRD

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# Title Artist Language Style Length Price
1 Tainted Love (Slowfox 30) Paul Young english Swing 3:32 CD only
2 I Love Being Here With You (Slowfox 29) Queen Latifah english Swing 3:26 CD only
3 Temptation (Slowfox 29) Diana Krall english Swing 4:13 CD only
4 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (Slowfox 29) Joe Williams english Evergreen 2:42 CD only
5 How Am I To Know (Slowfox 29) Hilary Kole english Swing 2:55 CD only
6 Petite Fleur (Slowfox 29) Henri Salvador french Evergreen 2:41 CD only
7 Take Love Easy (Slowfox 29) Sophie Millman english Swing 3:14 CD only
8 How Are Ya' Fixed For Love (Slowfox 29) Robbie Wyckoff english Swing 2:50 CD only
9 Whatever Happened To Romance (Slowfox 29) Victoria Hart english Swing 4:27 CD only
10 Maddest Kind Of Love (Slowfox 29) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy english Swing 3:50 CD only
11 Heart Of Glass (Quickstep 50) The Puppini Sisters english Swing 3:02 CD only
12 (Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone (I Wanna Rock) (Quickstep 51) Brian Setzer Orchestra english Swing 3:56 CD only
13 Let Go (Quickstep 50) Toby Lightman english Pop 3:06 CD only
14 King Of Swing (Quickstep 51) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy english Swing 4:23 CD only
15 Besame Mucho (QS Remix) (Quickstep 51) Alessandro Olivato spanish Swing 2:44 CD only
16 Boo Wah Boo Wah (Quickstep 50) Red And The Red Hots english Swing 2:59 CD only
17 It's All Right With Me (from 'Can-Can') (Quickstep 50) Robbie Wyckoff english Soundtrack 3:01 CD only
18 Boyfriend (Quickstep 50) Lou Bega english Nu Jazz/Electro Swing 2:58 CD only
19 Like-I-do (Quickstep 50) Joe Turley Big Band english Swing 3:06 CD only
20 Big And Bad (Quickstep 51) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy english Swing 3:58 CD only
21 Anticipation (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 28) Secret Garden instrumental Easy Listening 3:49 CD only
22 A Love Idea (from 'Last Exit To Brooklyn') (Slow Waltz 29) Mark Knopfler instrumental Soundtrack 2:17 CD only
23 Fountain (Slow Waltz 29) Sara Luv english Pop 3:23 CD only
24 Sad Romance (from 'Over The Green Fields') (Slow Waltz 29) Pyeong-Gwon Ji instrumental Soundtrack 3:30 CD only
25 Terra Mia (Slow Waltz 29) Alessandro Olivato instrumental Easy Listening 2:11 CD only
26 Ocean Waltz (from 'Living Sea') (Slow Waltz 29) Sting instrumental Soundtrack 3:25 CD only
27 Theme From 'Rudy' (Slow Waltz 30) The O'Neill Bros instrumental Soundtrack 3:53 CD only
28 The Shores Of The Swilly (no strict tempo) (Slow Waltz 29) The New Age Chamber Orchestra english Pop 4:06 CD only
29 Still (Slow Waltz 29) Jennifer Rush english Pop 4:02 CD only
31 Nadie Me Ama (Tango 31) Orquestra Dino Siani instrumental Orchestra 2:44 CD only
32 Adios Palomita (Tango 31) I Salonisti instrumental Orchestra 3:13 CD only
33 El Garron (Tango 32) Mandragora Tango Orchestra instrumental Orchestra 2:37 CD only
34 La Última Copa (Tango 32) Mandragora Tango Orchestra instrumental World Music 2:48 CD only
35 Cite' Tango (Tango 31) Astor Piazzolla instrumental World Music 3:06 CD only
36 Postales (Tango 29) Federico Aubele spanish Electro 3:18 CD only
37 Noche De Primavera (Tango 31) Malando & His Orchestra instrumental Orchestra 3:23 CD only
38 Hernando's Hideaway (from 'The Pajama Game') (Tango 31) John Warren Orchestra instrumental Soundtrack 2:20 CD only
39 Fairytale (Viennese Waltz 59) Secret Garden instrumental Orchestra 3:11 CD only
40 Illusion (Viennese Waltz 59) Alessandro Olivato instrumental Easy Listening 2:23 CD only
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