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The Ultimate... Ballroom Album 21 - Sophisticated Swing

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Künstler: Various Artists

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Label: WRD

Artikel Nummer: 220

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# Title Artist Language Style Length Price
1 Do Nothing 'til You Hear From Me (Slowfox 29) Robbie Williams english Swing 2:45 CD only
2 Sophisticated Swing (Slowfox 29) Michael Feinstein english Swing 4:02 CD only
3 I Will Survive (Slowfox 29) The Puppini Sisters english Swing 2:46 CD only
4 Me And Mrs. You (Slowfox 29) Michael Bublé english Swing 2:09 CD only
5 Pick Yourself Up (from 'Swing Time') (Slowfox 29) Diana Krall english Soundtrack 2:29 CD only
6 Gettin' On The Step (Slowfox 29) Kenny G instrumental Swing 4:19 CD only
7 Every Breath You Take (Slowfox 29) Jack Jones english Swing 2:58 CD only
8 When You Wish Upon A Star (from Disney's 'Pinocchio') (Slowfox 29) Dimie Cat english Soundtrack 3:01 CD only
9 Shine My Shoes (Slowfox 29) Robbie Williams english Pop 3:34 CD only
10 Beyond The Sea (Le Mer) (Slowfox 29) George Benson english Swing 4:05 CD only
11 That Face (Slowfox 29) Frank Sinatra Jr. english Swing 2:48 CD only
12 Jungle Jive (Quickstep 50) Bruce Donnelly instrumental Swing 3:58 CD only
13 Life Goes To A Party (from 'Swing Kids') (Quickstep 51) James Horner instrumental Soundtrack 2:29 CD only
14 Tell Him He's Yours (Quickstep 50) Michael Bublé english Swing 2:05 CD only
15 Come On-A-My House (Quickstep 50) Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack english Swing 2:16 CD only
16 Trapped (In The Web Of Love) (Quickstep 51) Royal Crown Revue english Swing 3:25 CD only
17 Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) (Quickstep 51) James Horner instrumental Swing 4:04 CD only
18 Puttin' On The Ritz (from 'Puttin' On The Ritz') (Quickstep 50) Robbie Williams english Soundtrack 2:38 CD only
19 Girls, Girls, Girls (Quickstep 50) Dani Sparn Orchestra english Swing 3:46 CD only
20 Rhythm (Quickstep 50) Rick Vito english Swing 2:27 CD only
21 Dr. Wanna Do (Quickstep 50) Caro Emerald english Musette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy 3:02 CD only
22 Within The Blue Suite (2nd Movement) (Slow Waltz 28) Máiréad Nesbitt instrumental Easy Listening 4:05 CD only
23 Perfect Day (from 'The Tales Of Beatrix Potter') (Slow Waltz 29) Miriam Stockley english Soundtrack 3:25 CD only
24 Lake Of Dreams (Slow Waltz 29) Lisa Lynne instrumental World Music 4:05 CD only
25 Breath (Slow Waltz 29) Helen Jane Long instrumental Orchestra 3:37 CD only
26 Watermark (Slow Waltz 29) DJ Ice instrumental Pop 2:39 CD only
27 Sleepsong (Slow Waltz 29) David Arkenstone feat. D. Davidson instrumental Pop 3:57 CD only
28 So I Could Find My Way (Slow Waltz 29) Liz Madden english Pop 4:06 CD only
29 The Green Leaves Of Summer (from 'Alamo') (Slow Waltz 29) Phil Coulter instrumental Soundtrack 3:21 CD only
30 Waltz For The Lonely (Slow Waltz 29) George Winston instrumental Easy Listening 2:40 CD only
31 Akkara (Angel Of Fantasy) (Slow Waltz 29) Sanavé english Pop 3:45 CD only
32 Besame Mucho (Tango 31) Mandragora Tango Orchestra instrumental Orchestra 2:21 CD only
33 Folgore (Tango 32) Luca Sebastiani instrumental Orchestra 2:37 CD only
34 Tangoneon (Tango 32) Paolo Vivaldi instrumental Orchestra 2:27 CD only
35 Tango Frivolo (Tango 32) Alfred Hause String Orchestra instrumental Orchestra 3:17 CD only
36 In The Rhythm Of Tango (Tango 32) Eugen Doga instrumental Orchestra 2:18 CD only
37 Tango Tanssimaan (Tango 32) King Chronic vs. Barrio Populaire finnish Electro 3:29 CD only
38 The Departed Tango (from 'The Departed') (Tango 32) Howard Shore instrumental Soundtrack 3:23 CD only
39 I Get To Love You (Viennese Waltz 57) Ruelle english Pop 3:37 CD only
40 Caribbean Blue (Viennese Waltz 58) Roisin english Pop 3:15 CD only
41 Where Do You Go To My Lovely (Viennese Waltz 58) Nathan Carter english Musette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy 3:52 CD only
42 Banks Of The Seine (Viennese Waltz 58) Philip Hochstrate instrumental Musette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy 2:39 CD only
43 Gramophone (Viennese Waltz 59) Eugen Doga instrumental Classic Music 2:32 CD only
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